compilation CD
{Indelirium Records}

Youth Bloody Youth compilation, subtitled as "I'm a child, the shadow, palestinian" is a compilation CD released some months ago by the great hardcore / punk label Indelirium Records, from Italy.
It's a kinda of a benefit compilation, as an amount of money from each single copy is given to the organization "Deposito Dei Segni", a cultural assossiation that collaborates with the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts in Beirut, Lebanon.
You can find more about this project if you enter the multimedia part of this CD (and you speak the italian language of course...).
Well, the compilation features 18 bands from the Italian hardcore/punk scene. All the bands are well known, so maybe we can say that this CD features almost the elite of the Italian scene, hehe!
So, all the styles are included; from melodic punk rock to furious metallic hardcore.
Bands that participate are: L.E.A.R.N., No More Fear, Stop Talking!, To The Embers, Straight Opposition, Payback, The Orange Man Theory, Jet Market, To Ed Gein, Revolution Summer, While You Wait, Regain The Shore, Values Intact, Rise From The Agony, Ingegno, When Seasons Change and Afasia.
Moreover, as I already mentioned above, there is a multimedia part in the CD including info, links and photos for all the bands.
All in all, this is a great compilation and the best chance for every hardcore kid to meet the Italian scene. Go get it.