"Hate the neighbours" CD
{Crucial Attack Records, HA-KO Bastards, Dirty Faces}

Brat Pack is a fucking new band from the eastern part of The Netherlands playing wild punk rock / hardcore like if they were living in the western, sunny side of California!
The band started in 2006 featuring members of bands like Citizen's Patrol, Antillectual, My Reply and other local heroes from the Dutch scene.
This is their first full length album, co-released by 3 great labels; Crucial Attack from The Netherlands, Dirty Faces from Germany and HA-KO Bastards from Serbia.
It is packaged in a great CD case and it features a fucking cool comic drawing. I know that you can't judge an album by its cover but to be honest I loved this album by just taking it in my hands...
Musicwise these guys are the Adolescents of 2008, for sure! Taking influences from these Californian heroes, old NOFX (especially the guitar riffs), Rich Kids on LSD and other cool bands from the Cali scene of the 80s/90s, adding their modern taste of punk rock, tons of melody, some really cool party songs and thought provoking, socially and politically concerned lyrics, they deliver to us 13 gems of fucking punk fucking rock music.
Wanna get something more? I don't think so.
"Hate The Neighbours" is the soundtrack of this summer and the self titled song will stick in your head for years, believe me...