"Black baccara..." CD
{Oni Red Records, Free Edge Conspiracy, Eternalis Records}

Baxter is a punk rock band from France, featuring members active in the French hardcore/punk scene since the early 90s.
Their CD "Black Baccara" was released a couple of months ago and features 9 punk rock songs full of melody, passion & anger.
Sometimes they bring me in mind (oldest era) Epitaph Records bands, like The Offspring and Millencolin, while other times they are mostly into the Fat Wreck stuff and bands like The Lawrence Arms, Good Riddance and No Use For A Name.
Moreover, there's a melodic hardcore edge in some songs, and that's an aspect I really enjoy!
Their lyrics are almost into political issues, some personal related stuff and a pro-gay liberation song.
All in all, here we have a really good European punk rock record that you should definitely check out. The production is crystal clear, while the artwork could be a lot better in my opinion...
My favorite songs are the 2 first ones: "Blue Virus" and "Oleg'' for sure...
Pump up the volume and enjoy!