THE SKETCH - "Best Kid In Town" MCD
{Engineer Records}
I just received the latest release of Engineer Records; a very quality indie label (concerning punk rock / hardcore / emo / rock releases) from UK & USA.
Well, The Sketch's new MCD is about to be released on 21st July, but we have it exclusively for all the World's Appreciated Kitsch blog readers, almost a week before.
The Sketch come from Kent, UK, and this is their debut EP; a cute digipack MCD featuring 6 songs and a cool video clip. Their sound is easily compared to Jimmy Eat World and Hot Water Music, while the press release states as band's influences bands like My Awesome Compilation, Weezer & Saves The Day.
In my words, this is modern pop punk / emo rock, but believe me it has nothing to do with the current "emo" trend that has conquered the youth...
This is truly emotional music with a melodic punk rock edge, energetic & passionate, full of catchy riffs and hooks.
I have to add that the song "Superman Take III" it's gonna be the new hit for the summer of 2008, nevermind Good Charlotte, hehe. Check the video clip, too.
The artwork is inspired by Far West, while the production is unbeatable cool!
Check 'em out if you are an open-minded hardcore / punk rock kid, or else ignore them.