DISNIGHT - "Our Voice Our Weapon" MCD
Disnight is not the most original band around and they know it. But for sure they are one of the most promising metalcore bands I listened to lately. And don't forget that actually I'm not so much into this style. Their songs are so tight and catchy and moreover I really like the vocals, because it's not the typical vocal style you meet in all this swedish metalcore bands of modern days.
Also, the production is very good, as clean as I like it, neither fake clear nor raw.
Anyway, "Our voice our weapon" includes 4 songs of melodic metalcore counting a bit more than 15 minutes. Disnight are coming from Oostende, Belgium, and if they work hard I bet that we'll meet them again in the future...
The artwork is simple, creating a dark mood; made by Maarten Reynders (eminar.be)