CONSTANT STRUGGLE fanzine issue # 3
Constant Struggle is a hardcore / punk fanzine from Southern California that was established 7 months ago. Here we have issue no.3 / April 2008, while issues no.4 & no.5 will be out till the end of the summer, as well.
Issue # 3 contains mainly interviews & band presentations and it's focused in the old school / skate / thrash / punk / hc side of the So-Cal scene.
In its 20 black & white A4 pages (cut 'n' paste style) you can read interested inties / articles featuring Strung Up, Total Abuse, SBV, Flat Black Records, Contaminators, Bad Reaction, Neighborhood Watch, Social Sickness and Killin It!
Moreover, there's a live review and a bunch of record reviews.
All in all, Constant Struggle is a truly dedicated hardcore fanzine and it worths to get some attention by you hardcore dude. Check it out, it costs only 3,50 bucks postpaid.