{Une Vie Pour Rien? Records}
My friend from Une Vie Pour Rien? Records from France sent me a huge package with records for my distro a couple of days ago, so you are gonna read a bunch of reviews concerning the French oi!/punk/hc scene within the next days!
Yeah I know that I'm not the right person to review oi! records, but I'll try my best, hehe!
Well, The Daltonz debut EP is one of the latest releases that the label put out.
They come from Caen, France, and they exist since late 2004, but this 7" is their first proper release including 3 songs in total, 2 in english language and 1 in french.
Their style can be described as a mixture of english 80s punk rock and traditional oi! The best band to compare them with is The Templars from New York city.
The 3 songs are very catchy and full of melodic riffs and I really like em.
It's the best sound to move your feet in the pit, you know what it takes, hehe!
The artwork is pretty cool and all in all we have to do with a totally kicking 7"!