FACE THE FAX / THE IGNORED "A 10-song split CD"
{Kickass Records}
That's a great split released by the Belgium label Kickass Records.
It features 2 bands from Belgium, too, in 10 songs of unstoppable melodic punk / hardcore music.
Face The Fax are mostly into melodic punk rock with some surf rock and ska punk influences. They remind me of Mad Caddies in a couple of songs, while the other ones are into the Fat Wreck / So-Cal stuff and bands like Lagwagon, NOFX etc.
The Ignored are a bit more hardcore oriented, with a strong melodic punk rock edge, think of a mixture between Propagandhi, Rise Against and Ignite.
By the way, both bands tour Europe (separately) in a couple of days. Unfortunately, we won't see neither The Ignored nor Face The Faxt in Greece, as here no one seems to care about good underground punk rock / hardcore bands... Pity!
All in all, a really cool split CD that definitely worths your attention and your 6 bucks, hehe!