TERROR "The Damned, The Shamed" LP
{Century Media Records}
Terror are back with a bang!
The Los Angeles hardcore legends just released their new album under the label Century Media Records and I picked up the vinyl edition from my friend's (Greg) distro.
Hm... There's a problem; I always cannot find the right words to review releases of bands that mean so much to me & to thousand of kids all over the globe. You know... I'm always thinking "who am I to judge someone who put hardcore back to the map?". That's the way I feel about the new Terror album, too.
So, I'll just write my humble opinion...
Well, the new album is more mature and personal than ever. There are no too many famous guest stars (except of Roger Miret - Agnostic Front fame - on "Still Believe"), there are not any standout tracks or huge hits and all in all I feel that there's not too much hype surrounding the new Terror album.
All of the above are cool reasons for me to like the new Terror album more!
Moreover, there are some elements you may not listen to any previous Terror releases; some cool solos & melodies that stick in your mind.
Lyricwise, the usual stuff, personal issues, some times melancholic, some times positive, just Terror.
All in all a great 2008 hardcore album, a Terror album.
Surely, it's not the "Lowest of the low" but it's not worse, just a bit different.
The vinyl edition includes a bonus track only for Europe, plus the whole album in CD format, too.