{self - released}
This is a -6 song- split straight outta Belgium.
The bands that are featured are Golden Bullet and Saviour, both brutal enough to harass your ears & dreams!
If you have ever heard of H8000 scene / crew, or better if you have ever listened to bands like Congress, Liar, Blindfold, Spirit Of Youth or Vitality, and liked what you were listening to, then here is a CD for you.
The guys are doing a H8000 revival and they are doing it well.
Brutal hardcore, extra metallic riffs, beatdowns, groovie parts, some NYHC elements, and here we are...Golden Bullet & Saviour!
For the record, Golden Bullet were formed in 2005 and have already played a lot of shows. In their song "Scars", Steve from All My Sins (another band from Belgium that we are gonna review in the next weeks) is doing guest vocals.
Saviour, from West Vloanderen (where as far as I know, the original H8000 movement was born) were born around the same time as Golden Bullet, and have 2 vocalists that I don't like too much the "cleaner" one...
Anyway, that's all! The demo was originally released in 250 copies during February 2008, but they all got sold out, so there's a second press for you now! Ask us for a copy, there are a bunch in our distro stock.
H8000 is back muthafuckas.