Crawling Ground / Bloodstained / Envy - "Sudden Death" split CD
{Spook Records, NNC Records}
Well, this CD is the perfect gift for the hardcore kids that like brutal beatdown (i mean BEATDOWN!) hardcore / metal, crazy violent dancing, extreme moshing and ...they hate everybody around them (just kidding, hehe!).
In other words, if Bulldoze, Shattered Realm, Six Feet Under, CDC, Kickback & Obituary are among your favorite bands, then this CD is for you mate, believe me!
There are 3 bands that split for this release, contributing 3 songs each...
Envy from Bulgaria is the first, some of you may already know them; they supported Settle The Score in their show in Thessaloniki and as far as I know they are coming for a show in Athens next month.
Bloodstained from Poland & Crawling Ground from France are the other two, a bit unknown to you, I guess, but as I wrote above, if you love beatdown hardcore then you have to check 'em out.
All in all, a very cool (as cool as it can gets...!) CD with a great digipack case and violent sports artwork!

P.S. Spook Records is distributed by our precious label in Greece, so you'll read more reviews of their latest releases during the next weeks...