Eternal Hated - "The Rise Of Hated" CDR
{self - released}
Eternal Hated is a new band from my hometown, Volos. They play together since last summer as far as i know, and I must say that they are a very tight band (I watched them live 2 days ago, by the way...) even if the age of their members is around 17-19 years old.
Their style can be described as new metalcore influenced by bands like As I Lay Dying (they cover "Forever" by them in their live shows, as well), Caliban & Killswitch Engage. Moreover there's a strong emotional edge in their songs, bringing in mind some Bullet For My Valentine stuff (...).
The vocalist is very talented, with a great deep, brutal/screaming voice, while the back vocals of the guitar player are clean and melodic, or "emo" if you like, hehe!
Moreover, the guitar riffs are fantastic, even if I do not like very much some solos.
All in all, the EP contains 5 songs; 2 of them are already hits in Volos area, "As We Fall" and "Angels of Apocalypse".
What I like the most is that the band is fucking tight as I already wrote and it seems that they work like crazy, so the level is really high. Watching them live was a really good experience, too, even if I am not the most dedicated metalcore fan, you know, but they guys enjoyed every single moment of their show and brought some kind of positive energy to the young audience.
Of course, they can improve their songwriting and be more mature, but hey, they are only 17-18. As for lyrics, I do not know, because the booklet of the EP doesn't include any lyrics...
You should definitely check 'em out if you haven't done it already. They played Schoolwave 2008 (a very big annual fest in Greece consisting of new bands that their members are still students) and they support All Shall Perish in Athens in a couple of weeks.
Watch out for them!