Good Old Days - "Go On" MCD
{Spook Records}
Good Old Days is definitely one of the best Hardcore bands to come out of Poland the last years.
Some of you may have watched 'em live during their one off show in Street Attack squat (Thessaloniki) last May... And some other may have already listened to their fucking great "Knock it off" CD that was available in Greece through our label. We also did a release for them, the 3 way split "Finish What You Started" along with Straight Opposition & Bounz The Ball, that sold out in less than 3 weeks...
Anyway, for those that read about them first time; Good Old Days was formed in the autumn of 1998 in Torun, Poland and since then they have various releases (in the legendary Shing Records, as well), they have played countless shows and spread the hardcore attitude towards the European scene.
Their new MCD titled "Go On" just released from the hard working Polish label, Spook Records, and it's already a must have for every NYHC fan.
If you like bands like Sick Of It All & Agnostic Front, then you will undoubtedly love this band.
The first song is a fucking gem, "Fashion Victims" is the "new hit on the block" including some great lyrics about the hardcore scene nowadays, while the 7th and last song is an awesome cover on Ramones "Swallow My Pride"!
Get it now.