Unchained - "Dark Days" demo CDR
{self - released}
Unchained is a new band coming from San Francisco, California, and this 4 track demo CDR is their second release, following their "Panda" EP, as far as I know.
The band seem to love modern hardcore and when I write modern hardcore I mean a mixture between old school & new school, not something compared to nowadays metalcore.
Their sound is unique, even if they take influences from bands like Bane, Blacklisted, Allegiance and the likes, adding an Integrity atmosphere and a dark mood sometimes.
The demo is definitely fucking interested and I think that Unchained is a very promising band and they have many things to offer to the current hardcore/punk scene.
California gets back on the map.
The demo is given for free and includes a cool drawing in the cover designed by Get Wise Media (www.myspace.com/getwisemedia).