{Une Vie Pour Rien? Records}
One more oi! record to review here... The Janitors come from France and they are active in their local scene since 2003.
"Work" is their first full length album that comes in a great digipack CD case (or in vinyl edition) with a very clever cover and cool artwork.
The CD includes their 9 new songs, plus the songs from their "Bloody Boredom" 7", the ones that are featured in their split 7" with Lutece Borgia (among them is a Blitz "4Q" cover), plus the first edit of their song "Don't wanna see yer face" that is featured in the compilation EP "Upvr...or a way of life? vol.2".
Musically, The Janitors play skinhead oi! / punk rock with a strong rock 'n' roll edge. Their influences vary from bands like Cockney Rejects and Blitz to The Ramones and even 70's rock 'n' roll and The Stooges.
Mainly, in their own words they are a rock 'n' roll band that cannot play, so that's why they call it punk rock, hahaha!
The lyrics cover the classic skinhead topics like working class, friday night riots, beer drinking, anti - hippies / junkies, violence and hate for every political movement. Moreover, there's an antinazi song as well ("Durango 88").
To be honest, I like a lot their music, especially this great rock 'n' roll edge, but I'm not into their lyrics; all this violence, beer drinking etc. style doesn't make any sense to me, you know. Also, this non-political attitude is starting to become a trend in the scene, and I really do not agree with this, but this is my humble opinion...