A TRIBUTE TO KID DYNAMITE "All Ages" compilation CD
{Oni Red Chords}
Kid Dynamite is one of the best punk/hardcore bands of the late 90s. They existed for 4 years (from 1997 to 2000) and released only 2 records (the self titled one in 1998 and the second and last called "Shorter faster louder" in 2000), plus a couple of compilations. Coming from Philadelphia, USA & taking influences by the almighty 7 Seconds and Lifetime, they managed to become one of the most influential bands for today's melodic hardcore / punk scene all around the world, in spite of their ultra short existence as a band.
Just to inform you, their members are still active in the scene, either working for labels (like Jade Tree) or playing for other bands, like Paint It Black, The Loved Ones and None More Black.
Enough with the big intro...
The new but hard working label Oni Red Chords from France put out this year a tribute to this inspiring band, called "All Ages", featuring 20 songs by 20 bands. Most bands are from France, like for example True Believers, Baxter, Santa Cruz, Trouble Everyday and Noid, while others are from all over the world, like After The Fall (USA), Five Across The Eyes (USA), Astpai (Austria), Smartbomb (USA), Easel (Japan) and Poison Heart (Belgium).
The production is of high quality and even though I do not like all the covers, the tribute is great and worth to add it in your record shelves, in the melodic hardcore / punk rock section, just next to the Kid Dynamite records!
The artwork is really good featuring a full colored 8pages booklet.
For the fans of Kid Dynamite, get your hands in the DVD "4 years in one gulp" that was released 2 years ago by Jade Tree Records, to find everything you wanna know about this awesome band.