Last Breath fanzine #4
{self - released}
Last Breath is a great hardcore / punk fanzine from Serbia that started around 2005 with a main goal to gather and connect the hardcore/punk kids from all ex-Yugoslavian countries.
A lot of people that are active in the scene and/or playing in bands contribute to this fanzine.
Issue no.4 came out in late 2007 and consists of 72 pages full of columns, over than 100 reviews and interviews with the likes of Negative Approach, Let's Grow, Magrudergrind, Ratos De Porao, Kill Your Idols, Hocu?Lecu? and Christine from Slug & Lettuce fanzine.
The layout is really cool, featuring a thick glossy cover and everything seems to be more than ok except one little problem...
The fanzine is written in Serbian language, so I cannot understand a fucking thing... The guys behind the zine prefer to write it in Serbian because it will be easier for them to distribute it in the ex-Yugoslavian countries.
I wish I knew Serbian because this fanzine is really really cool & attractive for me to read!
New issue coming soon but I think it's gonna be in Serbian language, too.
Just get in touch with the Last Breath crew, they distribute the mighty Maximum Rock 'n' Roll fanzine as well!