Here's the poster of Angry, Young & Poor series III.
Thnx once again our spanish friend Javi (www.almaltiempo.com) for the awesome design! What a fucking genius!
I know that I uploaded a bit blurry but I still don't know how exactly to use this blog, hehe!
Well, as you can see, 6 bands in total will participate at this show; 2 great bands from Germany, Strength & Bullfight and 4 ripping local ones!
Be prepared for an all around punk rock / hardcore / metalcore Saturday night show!
We're starting the promotion, sending out press releases, printing posters/flyers, doing all the shitty work for all of you to have a great show!
Moreover, a big thanx & hug to Giwrgos from Bulldog Shop - Megalopoli (good luck with this new start buddy!) & Katerina from Pussyhat Shop, plus all the other guys that help us out with sponsoring etc. It means so much to World's Appreciated Kitsch Records.
Angry, Young & Poor