When Monkeys Rule - "Transform & Roll out" CDR
{self - released}
When Monkeys Rule are 5 cool guys from Schweinfurt, Germany that used to play in several other bands before like Deathtrap, End of All Theory and IntoBlackMirror to name a few...
They formed the band less than one year ago and this is their first EP, self-released around March 2008.
They were nice enough to send me a bunch of copies and some t-shirts too.
I still have some copies, I think, so if you are interested just get in touch to get one for free, of course.
Anyway, back to the music, there are 5 songs of melodic punk / hardcore. I find it a little hard to describe what exactly they are playing or to find comparisons with other bands; it's better to check out yourself.
The band states as their influences 7 Seconds, Converge, As Friends Rust, Good Riddance, Minor Threat, Kid Dynamite etc.
I think that they are mostly into Kid Dynamite & As Friends Rust than Converge and Minor Threat...
To be honest, they seem to be a bit confused to what exactly they wanna play and moreover the production of the demo does not help 'em out all.
Or is just me that I like only straight forward music nowadays, hehe!
I don't mean that these 5 songs are not good, they are better than your average current punk/hc band, but I think that if they work a bit harder, they can manage to make a lot of things in the future...
P.S. Check out what great art this guy is doing... www.myspace.com/xdudeofdeathx