Suicide Circle (International 4 way split) 7"
{self - released}
Here we have a great 4 way punk split featuring a band from Athens, Greece, that World's Appreciated Kitsch strongly support (hehe!), the mighty Human Battle.
The bands that participate along with the greeks are the legendary Riot Squad from the United Kingdom, The Undertakers from Belgium and The Crack Babies from Sweden.
The vinyl is red as blood, for the collectors - junkies, but let's dive deep inside the music part that is always the most important one.
A Side starts with Riot Squad doing "R.P.G.". Well, Riot Squad were formed around early 80s but due to various reasons disbanded some years later, after releasing a couple of 7" singles. One of them went to G.B.H. while others separated ways... The reunion came in 2003 and since then the band is active again...80s UK punk at its best. They are playing Athens along with Drongos of Europe on 3rd January 2009.
Second song for the first side is "Keep On Fighting" by the locals Human Battle; a pretty new band from the suburbs of Athens, playing street punk with a more modern approach adding some oi! elements.
I really like this song.
The band has already managed to support Varukers, Funeral Dress and Peter & The Testube Babies. Even though they are young, they are very active in the local scene. And they are cool guys, as well! Watch them live at Angry, Young & Poor series vol.III, Athens, AN Club, 25th October.
B Side drops with "Fashion for A Day" by The Undertakers from Belgium. Started out in 2006, this is their first proper release I think... Fast punk rock, raw & aggressive with a melodic touch. They've already played with Disturbance, Total Chaos, Anti-Nowhere League & The Kids.
Last but not least, there's "Not For Me" by Sweden's finest, The Crack Babies. To be honest, this is my favorite song (along with Human Battle's one, of course) of this split. The Crack Babies mix street punk rock with rock 'n' roll producing a catchy result.
All in all a very cool punk split, ask me or Human Battle for a copy (if you live in Greece).