Crucial Cause - "Try Our Luck" 7"
{Flat Black Records}
Starting out with the cover, I fucking love this drawing!!!
Crucial Cause is a thrashy hardcore punkish band from Fairfield, California, west Coast of United States of America.
And California is the right place to start a hardcore / punk / thrash band.
Undeniable fact.
"Try Our Luck" was released last year by Flat Black Records, a 2 year old vinyl label specified in thrashy hardcore, responsible for Social Sickness, Bad Reaction & Bad Antics 7"s, among others.
"Try Our Luck" includes 6 songs (one of them is instrumental) of fast ripping 80s hardcore with a strong youth crew influence and some early NYHC parts.
Aggressive, in your face, no frills, no trends, skate punk hardcore thrash cute 7" vinyl from the west coast.
Get it now if there are still any copies available.
And I still cannot fucking remember who sent me that 7"... I guess it was the guy from Constant Struggle zine that also sent me the Killin' It vinyls... Cheers bro!