Hangin' Out - "In Common Solitudes" CD
{Kickass Records}
Hangin' Out is a band from Liege, Belgium and this is their debut album, released 1,5 years ago by the kickass label Kickass Records!!!
But Hangin' Out aren't newbies...They were formed almost 10 years ago and have already out a couple of EPs, a split CD (with Brave Like A Cowboy) on the famous Eyespy Records in 2004, plus several participations in compilations.
Moreover they have shared the stage with legends like Snuff, No Fun At All, 59 Times The Pain and more...
"In Common Solitudes" includes 12 songs of punk rock with skate punk influences and a melodic hardcore edge.
They bring in my mind the new wave of punk rock bands like Rise Against & Strike Anywhere.
Their vocals are incredibly good and the music is technical but catchy too.
I can't stop listening to this record, really.
Take some time, have some rest, use your headphones and listen to Hangin' Out.