Free Yourself last 3songs CDR
{Buenaventura Records}
Free Yourself is one of the best bands ever.
I still remember the patch of them my friend Spithas gave me around 2001, a patch that I lost during the demonstrations against G-8 in Thessaloniki, 2003.
I still remember singing "Thyela" when I felt alone.
I still remember that Free Yourself was not your typical punk rock band, Free Yourself was all about emotions, was all about to make a change; Free Yourself had definitely something to say.
I still remember that I fucking lost their show in Kavala back in 2002 or earlier / later...
I still remember getting a bunch of 20 copies of their MCD "Beweg Mich" in 2003, trying to sell them through my new (that time) distro. I do not have a single copy of that MCD, I gave the last one to a person I love & hurt...
This CD is the swan song of the band.
Formed in 1991 in Germany, featuring Greek immigrants, ended somewhere in Berlin, Germany, around July 2008.
I got this CD from my lovely friend Petropan a month ago.
First song is called "Kaiafas", includes greek lyrics and speaks about a specific place in Peloponnisos, Greece, that was burned down to hell last year.
Next 2 songs are sang in German language and I do not know what they are about, but I know that I like em a lot.
This is not punk/hc to mosh around. This is emo / indie / punk rock. And emo is not boys putting eyeliner and girls cutting themselves...
That's all.
Farewell to Free Yourself.
Still trying to free ourselves.
"Tha pame kapou pou ehei ilio, tha se parw kai tha figoume mazi"

P.S. I do not have the cover of their ep in digital format and I do not have a scanner either, that's why I'm just uploading a band photo.