Error - "Matanza" CDR
{self - released}
I have no much info for this band... I did a trade with their guitarist Bernat and got a bunch of cds for my distro last month; that's the point where I firstly learned about them.
Well, Error come from Mallorca, Spain and this must be their second CD so far, including 10 songs of modern melodic crust / metal / hardcore.
All songs are in spanish language, and calculating the fact that 2 years passed since the last spanish lesson I took, I can only understand some song titles, that seem to deal with social & political issues.
Their sound is influenced by bands like Tragedy & His Hero Is Gone, adding some Disfear / d-beat parts. Some kids call this style as "stadium crust" hehe!
I really like this CD, though.
If you want a copy, just let me know & I'll send you one.