It's not a joke...
Disharmonic new & last CD is out now!
"A Life Without Regrets" was supposed to be released one year ago, but the band called it quits so the release was postponed.
Finally, we decided to put it out and give it for free to our friends & "fans".
1000 copies are now available.
The CD includes 12 songs of no school - no bullshit in your face hardcore.
There's a 16 pages booklet with lyrics, explanations, thanxlist & a farewell letter.
Moreover, there's a multimedia part featuring live videos, posters, logos, drawings & articles.
"A Life Without Regrets" is dedicated to the hardcore/punk scene.
The CD will be available in almost every local show.
For the foreign kids, just get in touch with your favorite distro, we'll provide every distro we know with copies.
Sorry but we cannot send 1000 packages, you know...
By the way, this release is World's Appreciated Kitsch Records 003 and it's co-produced by These Days Records.