No Blame - "Keep the Hardcore Elite" MCD
{self - released}
No Blame is a new band coming from Bari, Italy.
They formed up in the beginning of 2007, split up after some months, got some line up changes and reformed in early 2008...
"Keep the Hardcore Elite" is their first release; a MCD including 4 songs, a bonus one & an intro.
All the lyrics are in English language (except the bonus track) and the dual vocals (melodic, clean ones - "screamo" ones) are good enough and fit a lot to the music.
Their style can be described as a mixture of 90s melodic hardcore and So - Cal punk rock with some stitches of modern metalcore & emocore.
All the songs are melodic enough to get stuck in your head, while the guitar riffs are very catchy, even though they aren't something unique.
The band states that they have not only music to show, but ideals and attitude as well, and that refers to the MCD title, which to be honest I find a bit childish...
No Blame have shared the stage with bands like Los Fastidios, Vanilla Sky, Linea 77 and Trojan Sound System.
Keep an eye on them for the future!