Sick Mormons - s/t 7"
(Demonomania Records, Angry Youth Records, Gummopunx Records)
Jasper from Eye Of Judgement / ex - A Step Apart / owner of Demonomania Records gave me a bunch of copies of this 7" during the Eye Of Judgement show in Greece a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't even heard of that band that time...
...but damn! This 7" is fucking punk rock dear guys & gals! 80s Cali punk rock the way it should be!
The 4 songs that are included here bring me in mind bands like Adolescents, TSOL, Social Distortion, old Bad Religion and the likes.

Melodic and catchy raw punk rock, no frills, no thrills, just music to dance to!
Just listen to the "Taekwando" song at their myspace site and you'll get the to the point!
I love Sick Mormons! Congratulations to Jasper and the other labels involved that put out such a great record in the best format that exists, 7" vinyl.
I think that there's still 1-2 copies in stock for the ones that are interested to get in their hands the Sick Mormons record.
P.S. I forgot to tell ya that they are from The Netherlands and got together last year...