Antimob - s/t 7"
(Serpend Records)
Antimob is a punk / hardcore band from Greece that was formed around 3 years ago. After changing a couple of members throughout the years they managed to gain a solid line up and establish their name among the best bands of the DIY hardcore / punk scene nowadays.
Besides that, they toured Europe last summer and played Germany, Denmark & Czech Rep. along with bands like Autistic Youth, World Burns To Death, Masshysteri and more...
Their first release is this nice 7" vinyl that includes 4 songs of uncompromising hardcore / punk with a thrashy or maybe crusty edge, fueled with Swedish hardcore elements.
They may remind you of Annihilation Time and Burial some times, while some others will bring you in mind bands of the DIY hardcore scene of the early 90s era.
The song lyrics are strongly social & political with a bit of pessimism including and a strong anti-christ message (that is obvious by just taking a look at the cover of the record).
Get that 7", it definitely deserves your bucks.
Moreover check out for the Antimob tape, that includes 7 songs and ules, as well.
By the way, some of the Antimob guys are also active in the DIY scene by organizing shows (KS94 crew) and publishing a great local fanzine called Mountza (www.mountza.blogspot.com)