Truth We Defend - "Youth Army" MCD
(Give Praise Records)
Truth We Defend is a youth crew hardcore band from Istanbul, Turkey and this is their first official release that the cool fast hardcore label from Massachusetts USA, Give Praise Records, put out some months ago.
This hardcore quartet was formed 3 years ago in order to play straight forward 90s USHC, nothing more & nothing less, according to their myspace statement.
"Youth Army" includes 6 songs of fast late 80s - early 90s youth crew hardcore / punk with a modern touch and a feeling compared to bands like Vitamin X and Deadstop.
The lyrics are about hardcore, friendschip, anti-cyber life etc. A kind of your typical youth crew, straight to the point, hardcore lyrics. Nice.
Cool black & white, "old school" artwork included, too.
Take it or leave it!
P.S. The guys are good scenesters, too. If you wanna play in Turkey, just drop them a message to figure sth out. They helped me with the Straight Opposition shows and I owe them. I guess that next year they'll play in Greece, who knows...