WAK008 Dead Vows - 'Bad Blood' tape
We are so happy to announce that World's Appreciated Kitsch's release no.8 just came out!!!
It's the tape release of Dead Vows' new album 'Bad Blood' (CD format available through Refoundation Records from Italy).

We did 150 cute tapes that are up for ordering from now on.
The one sided tape includes 11 songs (counting around 30 minutes) of raging & aggressive hardcore / punk from this Swedish band that featu
res current or ex members of great bands like Anchor, The Smackdown and Repoman.
If you like rocking modern hardcore like Modern Life Is War with an 80s Black Flag touch, influenced by the darkness of Integrity and the dirty heavy rock of Motorhead, then here you are!!!
That's enough I guess.
We already started shipping copies so get in touch to reserve yours asap.
Ah! I almost forgot it... This tape was co - released with the newbie label called True To The Game, that a cool guy & great friend is doing. This is their second release (after the It Burns Within tape) and they need your support, so send a nice email at: truetothegame08@hotmail.com

P.S. Dead Vows are doing a 2 shows greek mini tour at mid November.
Watch them live on the 14th in Athens supporting Disfear and on the 15th getting wasted in Komotini.