While You Wait - "A Life for a Life" MCD
(Indelirium Records)
While You Wait is a new band from Italy that started out in February of 2007 and features current or ex members of well known local bands like The Difference, Rise From The Agony and Jet Market.
Some days ago I got their new MCD that is a cute digipack one including a fantastic artwork & packaging and 6 songs counting no more than 8 minutes...!
But, oh shit, those 8 minutes are fucking enough to get in love with the While You Wait music...
8 minutes of ultra melodic emotional hardcore with references in Turning Point, Another Breath, Husker Du, Samiam and of course The Difference.
Desperate lyrics & desperate vocals along with catchy guitar riffs and unstoppable drumming by 5 guys that know exactly how to fucking rock.
Go get this piece of plastic & paper, it deserves your bucks.
This is Italian hardcore 2008.

P.S. The Difference are back...