Against The Society - "Brainless people" MCD
{self - released}
Against The Society is a new band coming from Volos area. Actually they live in a really small city around 30 km away from Volos and it seems that they are the only kids that keep the metal / hardcore spirit alive there...
'Brainless people' is their first EP ever and includes 5 songs plus an intro.
The guys kindly gave me this CD after a live show the previous week (they supported a metal act -I forget the name of the band...- along with B.L.E.E.D. from Athens and Shock Absorder from Thessaloniki).
I have listened to their CD more than 10-15 times since then and, to be honest, this music is definitely not hardcore music. You may think "who is this fucking guy that judges and decides what's hardcore music and what's not?" and you'll be right, hehe!
Nevertheless, in my humble opinion Against The Society's first effort contains 5 songs of very good new (or nu?) metal music mixed with some Pantera & Machine Head references and some new school hardcore / metalcore parts.
I definitely find their music interesting and I dare to say that they remind me a bit of some other Volos area bands, like Side Effect and Rafferty Rules, that used to be big in the past.
The CD does not include lyrics and that's a minus for me, because even if there was enough space in the booklet to put lyrics, it was covered by a really big photo shot of the band.
The production is of high standards and the songs sound like they were recorded professionally.
I forgot to write that Jim from Die Without (another local band) did guest vocals in the song 'Brothers United'.
The guys from Against The Society told me the other day that the band has changed its direction to more old school oriented hardcore and NYHC influences. Moreover, the went into some line up changes. So let's keep an eye on them and see what future brings...

P.S. Check out this guy that is responsible for the cool cover of the CD. www.myspace.com/rem3dy_art