All My Sins - "In with the old out with the new" MCD
{Days of War Music}
All My Sins is a brand new band from Ypres area, Belgium. They were formed 2 years ago but all the members are well known parts of the West Flanders hardcore scene, having played in bands like One Outta Six, Retaliate, Outcast and 187, among others.
So I was expecting something really good from them and ...damn, I was right! From the first second of this -6 songs- EP, All My Sins deliver uncompriming old school groovie hardcore with a lot of NYHC references.
They get influences by Skarhead, Madball, Death Threat or Shutdown, but they manage to create and maintain a unique personal sound, as well.
Energy is overflowing from all the songs and it's sad that this CD includes only 6 ones; we desperately need more!
The production is very cool and fits to the musical level that the band has reached, while the artwork is kinda old school, featuring images of war and pin up girls, weird?!
Lyricwise, All My Sins deal with the classic hardcore subjects, society and personal issues.
Last but not least, in the song "Nobody's fool" there's a guitar solo by Isaak Delahaye of God Dethroned fame!!!
Exclusively distributed in Greece by World's Appreciated Kitsch distro.