Business As Usual - "From Nowhere" MCD
{Demons Run Amok Entertainment}
I bet you all know Demons Run Amok Entertainment, maybe the most hard working German hardcore labels, plus one of the leading European undeground ones. Marcel (the owner) sent me the other day one cool package including almost all their latest releases and I dare to write that all of them definitely rule...
Let's talk about this MCD. "From Nowhere" by Business As Usual.
To start with, I enjoy a lot the cover and the whole artwork, and even if I refuse to admit it, a good first impression of a record always gets me in a nice mood about the whole release...!
So, this record includes 6 passionate old school hardcore songs, 101% energetic and melodic to death, inspired by early 90s American bands like Ten Yard Fight and Ensign, or later acts like Champion and Bane.
I really like their attitude (presented in the lyrics too) that has nothing to do with macho violence and bullshit talk, but delivers positive messages and personal issues.
Moreover, the music is so fucking cool that stick in my head and pushes my hand to write that:
"Business As Usual is one of the most promising bands that come out of Germany nowadays. Word."
Go get this MCD, you know where you can find it, of course...!