'Through the eyes of The Underdog' blog.
Here's a new hardcore / punk blog from Athens, Greece!
I think that is the only blog (along with ours of course) that cares about hardcore / punk rock music in our country, so first of all, congratulations to this guy called The Underdog, who is responsible for this web page.
I was informed about the existence of this blog some hours ago, so I do not have any idea when it actually started, but considering the fact that there are not too many posts, it must be a really young blog.
I just found out that there's a topic about Angry, Young & Poor III fest and I am really happy about this. Much appreciation!
Moreover, you can read posts about Rise Against, Social Distortion, Only Attitude Counts, H2O and more. Also, you can watch some video shots.
Everything it's written in Greek language so it's strictly for the Greek kids, I guess.
That's all; support it!

P.S. We used to say or write "do a show, start a band, a fanzine, a label etc.".
I think that nowadays we must add "start a blog" in this sentence, don't you think so?!