Safe - "Not Alone" CD
{Youth Crew Records}
Safe is undoubtedly the most positive band I've listened to since ages.
The whole CD and attitude of the band is dedicated to Hare Krishna. For those that do not know, Krishna is a kind of movement / ideology / religion that a lot of hardcore kids & bands, especially the straight edge ones, used to follow in the early 90s. I'm not totally aware of what's going on with Krishna, so I cannot even write down my opinion about it. I only know that all the Krishna 'followers' are strictly vegetarian and straight edge. And as far as I understand, it's all about self - realisation, high spirituality, denial of the material world and a healthy life with a positive thinking. Anyway, I'll ask Dario (or Dharmavit dasa)
from Safe / Fumbles In Life / Youth Crew Records to write down a column to be featured in the next issue of Keep It Real fanzine, so we'll find more about Krishna asap!
Back to Safe and "Not Alone". Well, this CD was released last year by the great Italian label Youth Crew Records, also responsible for releases like Half My Time, No More Fear, Steam, We'll Face, Our Roots Our Pride compilation and Fumbles In Life, among others. Youth Crew is all about straight edge positive old school hardcore and is active since 1996, so there's no more words to add here.
Safe is a band that started out around 2004 and "Not Alone" is their first full length record, after the release of "Make a Move" MCD back in 2004.
The CD includes 10 songs of ultra melodic and passionate punk rock / hardcore with a strong emotional edge, bringing in my mind Shelter (of course), Dag Nasty and Ignite.
The lyrics are all about positive messages, spirituality, emotions, Hare Krishna and vegetarian lifestyle (there's a song dedicated to cows as well, I guess a cow is the holy animal of Krishna, or not?!)
The songs are so catchy and positive that manage to fill your hearts and minds with energy and positive thinking.