Times Together - "Youth crew" tape
{Forever Young Records}
Forever Young Records is a brand new label from Germany, specialized in tape releases. The guy responsible for Forever Young is so dedicated to the hardcore spirit and that is obvious in his releases, from the packaging to the music.
Times Together tape was released recently and it's limited to only 60 copies...!
Times Together come from Birmingham, United Kingdom, and feature members from old local hardcore bands like Step Back, Affirmation and Mark's Get Set Go.
Their first tape includes 7 songs of positive 1988 era hardcore, inspired by the Boston hardcore straight edge scene.
Times Together love Insted, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today, Bold, Uniform Choice, 7 Seconds and the likes. You got the message, right?!
I really like their melodic voice (brings in mind Zoli -Ignite -), even if the production is not so good.
The packaging is super cool, featuring lyric sheet and all.
Times Together participate in 'Youth Crew 08' compilation 7", as well. It's the next review that we'll upload, so check back soon.
For those that wanna get a tape, I think I've a couple left...