On A Bad Trip - "Loser Kid" CD
{iXodes Records}
On A Bad Trip is a brand new band from Aurich, Germany (or Germoney as they call it!), featuring ex members of State Of Emergency and Take A Stand.
Actually they are 4 loser kids that just released a fucking loser CD called "Loser Kid" EP. And hey, there's not any bad thing at all about loser kids!
If you like no frills, energetic, raw 80s punk / hardcore, then this piece of plastic is for you! "Loser Kid" consists of 8 straight forward fast and raw, pissed off, songs of uncompromising music in the vein of Adolescents, Black Flag and Vitamin X.
There's a strong youth crew touch in all the songs, too.
The vocals are really aggressive and raw and I like 'em a lot, while the guitar riffs are sharp and there are some solos every now and then!
Lyricwise, there's some nice issues covered like education (or just hate the teachers), scene stuff, anti - violence, tv shit, plus the usual personal and political stuff.
The CD includes their -6 song- sold out demo "Angry Kids" that is of the some style both musically and lyrically, even if the sound production is a bit rawer!
Go get this.