Lower Hell - "Asphyxia" MCD
{Demons Run Amok Entertainment}
Formerly known as Lies Behind The Smile (2004-2007), Lower Hell is a band from South West Germany that are very active in their local scene the latest years.
As Lies Behind The Smile they managed to share the stage with a lot of cool acts like Fear My Thoughts, Tankard and Maroon, and besides that they released the promo CD "Just to be sure".
The name change came in early 2008 and the MCD "Asphyxia" was released some months ago by the well known & hard working label, Demons Run Amok (home of Never Face Defeat, Make It Count etc.).
To make it clear, Lower Hell is definitely not a hardcore band, so all the strictly hardcore / punk kids better go on and read the next review...
Lower Hell play brutal melodic death metal with some metalcore hints, influenced, firstly, by the Swedish scene and then by bands like The Black Dahlia Murder and Lamb Of God.
I dare to say that they sound unique to me and probably the dark atmosphere they try to create leads me to such an opinion.
All the 7 songs of the MCD (plus the intro) are easily listenable and do not bore me at all, even if they are not my cup of tea. The production was done by the mastermind Jacob Hansen, and Lower Hell have collaborated with the well known band Fear My Thoughts for this release.
The new kids in the metal block have to check 'em out definitely, while the openminded hardcore scenesters can give 'em a try!