Violent Sutura - "Nuova Genesi" CD
{Spook Records}
What the fuck? Am I becoming a metal kid again?!
'Nuova Genesi' is a fucking great release of ultra metallic hardcore, full of devastating double bass drumming, melodic guitar riffs, brutal vocals and all the usual stuff a metallic hardcore record must include.
I really love this CD, is simply one of the best records, regarding this genre, I listened to since ages...
Violent Sutura come from Italy, Cesena (I only know this city from its soccer team, because I play football bet, haha!) and were formed almost 5 years ago.
"Nuova Genesi" is their first full length album that was released around summer via the Polish label, Spook Records (greetings to Spooky!) and contains 10 songs, all sung in their mother language.
If you are a metal kid that likes hardcore too, or a hardcore kid that do not stick to the 80s, then you HAVE to listen to this CD, it's fucking amazing!
This is for fans of Slayer, Terror, Hatebreed and Throwdown.
The artwork is very nice, too, while the lyrics are more about social and political issues, plus the usual scene and personal stuff.

"Turn off your tv, stop writing shit on messageboards or talking shit about things you dont really know about.. Wankers, get a fuckin life!" (from Violent Sutura's myspace site).