Dillinger Four - 'Civil War' CD
{Fat Wreck Chords}
A new D4 record after 6 fucking years, woah!
'Civil War' is their 4th full length album since their beginning in 1994 and, actually, has nothing to do with the American Civil War (1861-1865) that had as a a result almost 600,000 dead people after its finish...
D4's 'Civil War' is an opus that took 'em 6 whole years to complete and deliver it to us. Besides that, it's their fourth full length album since their beginning in 1994.
For the ones familiar with D4's sound, there is not much to write, I just wanna mention that, in my opinion, this is definitely their most 'mature' album...
'Civil War' consists of 13 songs of punk rock music to dance to, fueled with indie / pop / alternative (call it how you want) parts and super melodic guitar riffing.
It's the best soundtrack for a road trip to nowhere along with your best friends or maybe your boy/girl friend.
Grab the chance and go get this album.
It's already a classic one.