Sidetracked - 'Churchill downs' 7"
{Rising Riot Records, World's Appreciated Kitsch Records, Overdose On Records}
First of all, we are very proud of this record because is World's Appreciated Kitsch number 007 and was released in collaboration with the awesome labels Rising Riot Records from Germany(they have released Deny Everything, Sniffing Glue and Nein Nein Nein records, among others) and Overdose On Records from the States (also home for Common Enemy, Concrete Facelift, A.N.S. and more).
We put out 400 copies of black and 100 copies of clear vinyl (almost sold out I guess)...
The release features an awesome cover that it's printed in cool paper, with black background and silver printing. Yeah, I totally love this release and I dare to say that it's the best World's Appreciated Kitsch release ever. Word.
But what about Sidetracked? What about the music?
Well, Sidetracked is an amazing fast hardcore / punk rock band from Dortmund, Germany, that have already put out a lot of releases; a split 7", a tape, CDs and a 12". They are a very active band in their local scene, too.
Their style is pissed off metal free hardcore / punk / thrash in the vein of late 80s American scene with a modern approach. No frills, no thrills, straight to your face short and loud hardcore music with a punk attitude, fueled with cool socially / politically aware lyrics and an anti - mainstream stance.
If you like Black Flag, Negative Approach, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, DS13 and all the other classics, then I'm sure that the 6 songs included in this cute piece of vinyl will stick in your pick up for ages...