Some Will Never Know fanzine #1
{self - released}
Some Will Never Know is a new hardcore / punk publication from The Netherlands.
A cool buddy, Pim (that also sings in Said And Done, an ama
zing Dutch hardcore band), take cares of it. Pim released issue #1 some months ago. I bought the fanzine during the greek Eye Of Judgement show, their singer was carrying a bunch in his distro / merch box, and I must admit that I got extremely surprised.
God, this is not just a fanzine, but a fucking amazing professionally printed hardcore magazine, featuring great artwork and layout.

In its 88 pages you can find some really interesting interviews / conversations with buddies like Jonah Jenkis (Only Living Witness, Miligram), Patrick Kitzel (True Blue, Reaper Records), Harm Haverarm (Reaching Forward, Razor Crusade, Modern Life Is War), Sean Riley (1917 Records), Ronald Not Just Words, Didier Losing Streak, Robbie Light The Fuse, Wouter Jansen (Permanent Mark, Clocked In zine and lots of more, plus the usual reviews, columns and even a page with vinyl inscriptions...! There are also pages with flyers & art, plus "hardcore trivia" after the end of each interview.
Pim has done a great work and it is really interesting that he focuses on the individuals and not the bands.
All in all, an undoubtedly interested reading that deserves your attention.
One of the best fanzines I read during 2008, word.