The Break - promo 2008
{self - released}
The Break is a new band coming from South Italy, Palermo city featuring Values Intact, Fake Hopes and Red Mates members.
My good friend xJimx is organizing their -3 shows- Greek tour next week and he gave me their promo the other day in order to write a review!
Moreover, it seems that World's Appreciated Kitsch (along with True To The Game label) will put out the next The Break release, a cute tape with 6 brand new songs. I'm in touch with their drummer, Turi, and he is a really cool guy, so here I am, listening to The Break promo!

To start with, I have to say that the promo is just a plain CDR with lyrics & info and it's not a proper release, so I can only "judge" what I listen to...
I think that The Break take the best parts of the Italian 0
0's straight edge hardcore scene, influenced by bands like Values Intact, The Miracle, No More Fear and the likes, and mix them up with an old American straight edge hardcore / punk edge, reminiscent of Chain Of Strength and In My Eyes.
Of course, in moments they come closer to the Champion / Go It Alone sound, but all they do is definitely unique and try to take all those influences one step forward.
To be honest, I do not like so much the vocals, especially the accent of the vocalist, but Turi informed me that The Break will have a new s
inger soon, so no problem!
By the way, the new The Break songs really rule and are far better from the ones featured in this promo, so be patient and wait for the tape release!
Till then, support The Break and attend their Greek shows at all
The Break Greek shows:
Wednesday 3rd December - Patras University / along with Truth Behind Lies & Rivasls!
Thursday 4th December - Underworld Club, Athens / along with Have Heart, To Kill, Against The Society & Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead
Friday 5th December - Stage Club, Larissa / along with To Kill, Como Esta Loco, Eternal Hated & Overpain.