I Adapt - Chainlike burden
{In Our Hands Records, Spook Records}
I heard that I Adapt broke up recently and this is a shame, because they were one of the leading European hardcore groups the last years. I hope they will reunite soon because they definitely have more things to give and say.
I Adapt come from Iceland and they surely do not play like Bjork or The Sugarcubes...! They are the first hardcore band that I ever heard from this small island of northern Europe.'Chainlike Burden' is their 3rd record that came out almost 1 1/2 years ago by 2 Polish labels, In Our Hands & Spook Records. The record includes 10 songs of hardcore music that makes your heart beat faster. It's not your typical hardcore record, it lacks of all the hardcore cliches and the style and hype that surrounds the scene nowadays.It's modern hardcore, passionate and fueled with melodies and emocore stuff.
You'll love either you listen to Strife or Stretch Armstrong. You'll love it if you are in it for the cause and you do not see hardcore scene as a passing fad.
I Adapt could easily have released this album via Deathwish Inc. and could have undoubtedly toured constantly with bands like The Hope Conspiracy.
I Adapt are sadly missed.