Watch Your Step - Taking Down With Me II / Australian tour edition
{Pee Records}
To start with, this is not a new Watch Your Step record.
It's just the Australian edition of the "Taking Down With Me" album that came out about a year and a half ago by the Italy / Brasil based label Hurry Up Records.
Pee Records from Australia, one of the most hard working hardcore / punk labels of the country, took the licence from Hurry Up and released this awesome record in time for the Watch Your Step Australian tour that took place some weeks ago.
"Taking Down With Me II" includes all 13 songs of the 'original' record, plus 2 bonus ones, previously unreleased (one of them by the way will be featured in the CD compilation that will accompany the new issue of Keep It Real fanzine...), and a slightly different artwork.
For those that are not aware of the Watch Your Step fame, well, you have to check 'em out definitely, they are undoubtedly one of the best bands that came out of Italy the last years.
Their uncompromising hardcore style with street punk and rock 'n' roll influences is catchy as hell, while their 80s hardcore touch and cool attitude is reminiscent of the good ol' days of the scene.
They were formed 3 years ago in Florence and since then they have managed to achieve so many things like doing European, Brazilian and Australian tours, plus putting out awesome releases.
If you like hardcore / punk in the vein of Negative Approach, SSD, Floorpunch, American Nightmare and even old Justice, then this is your thing!
By the way, Leo, WYS' singer, is responsible for the awesome hardcore website Save Your Scene.
Watch Your Step, Yo!

P.S. Watch Your Step were about to play in Athens, Greece, a couple of times in the past, but unfortunately problems occured and their appearance was cancelled twice... We promise to bring em and let em trash the place up next year...