State Of Affairs - demo tape 2008
{self - released}
State Of Affairs is a brand new hardcore band straight out of Tilburg / Utrecht, The Netherlands. This tape that contains 4 songs is their first release ever and it's limited to 99 copies, so I doubt if you can find any spare copy left...
The style of State Of Affairs is fast old school hardcore punk with a strong youth crew reference and some Boston scene, era 1988, influences. They manage to maintain a unique sound with a modern touch that some times brings in mind Verse and Carry On, while some others is more harsh and "ol' school" reminding me of In My Eyes, Turning Point & the legendary Youth Of Today.
All the songs are fueled with melodic & catchy riffs and some nice personal lyrics.
State Of Affairs feature current or ex-members of Dutch bands like Permanent Mark, Heartfelt, MM, Operation Phoenix and Press For Go.
I really like this tape and I wish there were more than just 4 songs in it.
Go on and check out State Of Affairs, they rule hard.