The Bullets - "Final Race" LP
{On Stage Records}
Before you start moaning... Yeah, I know, this release has nothing to do with hardcore / punk music, but... who really cares??? I really love this LP, so fuck off.
First of all, the cover that appears here it's the regular one that all the CDs have, but, damn, I have a copy of the limited vinyl edition (500 cps) that features a slightly different cover and it's hand numbered, hell yeah!
The Bullets is a band from Thessaloniki's (2nd biggest city out of Greece) eastern suburbs and exist since 1988. They have already released one 7" single back in 2003 and participated in a lot of quality compilations, while playing all around Greece, plus 6 dates in Germany and a headlining appearance in an Italian fest.
The band's sound is a mixture of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, teddy boy rock and surf.
To be honest, I am not the best informed person to describe their style of music, but in a couple of words, I really like it!
The lyrics vary from desperation to love songs, simple and straight to the point!
The LP includes 14 songs and was released by the hardworking rockabilly / surf / rock 'n' roll label, On Stage Records.
Go get it now!!!