So Far Away / Post Collapse - "4400 Miles" split CD
{Double Crossed Records, Division Street Records}
To start with, it's really sad that both bands do not exist anymore. They called it quits some months ago...
Nevertheless, '4400 mile' (the distance between the places that Post Collapse & So Far Away come from) is a very cool split release of quality modern hardcore that all the open minded fans of hardcore / punk rock music will definitely like.
So Far Away from Germany deliver 6 songs of ultra melodic hardcore with great vocals and catchy guitar riffs. They are influenced by With Honor, Champion, Killing The Dream and the likes. I really enjoy listening to their music and with no doubt they are my favorite band out of this split. By the way, all the So Far Away members are straight edge... It's a pity that they stopped playing before managing to visit Greece.
On the other side, we have Post Collapse that come from Indianapolis, Indiana state of USA. Their music is more rough but full of melody, as well. I guess that the band members' influences are similar or close to So Far Away members' ones. Modern hardcore with tons of punk rock influences and not your typical lyrics, for sure.
All in all, a great split release that 2 dedicated UK labels put out some months ago. Get this piece of plastic wherever you find it; worth your bucks.