Epithanatios Rogxos / Poreia Sto Perithorio split LP
First of all I must admit that I got this vinyl just a couple of months ago, even if it was released almost 2 years ago... Yeah, I was always thinking of getting this in my hands but always postponed it for various reasons...
Anyway, at last here we are, a review for one of the few vinyl releases that come out of Greece the last years.
To start with, there's a douple cover for this LP, one for each side (you can see only the one above, because I cannot find anywhere in the internet the other one), featuring great drawings with a dark feeling. The cover unfolds into a giant poster including lyrics (both in greek & english language), drawings and info about the release. Totally rad!
Musicwise, Poreia Sto Perithorio (Journey Into Margin) come from south Greece (their city is called Korinthos) and are into fast hardcore / punk influenced by good ol' days local hardcore bands like Antidrasi.
On the other side, Epithanatios Rogxos (Death Rattle) come from northwest Greece (and cities like Kastoria & Kozani) and are into melodic and dark crusty hardcore in the vein of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone and the likes.
Both bands' lyrics are ultra political, referring to anarchism and deal with issues like political prisoners, modern society, capitalistic system, solitary, human alienation and the likes.
All in all, a great record that is not sold out yet, so just hurry up and get a copy!

P.S. Unfortunately, last week I learned that one of Epithanatios Rogxos members passed away... I hope it's just a rumor and not true...